g0v mef ontology

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The Italian budget is a set of living financial reports defined by the Economy and Finance Administration of the Italian Government (i.e. Ministero dell’Economia e delle Finance - MEF).

The g0v mef ontology, that’s developed by the g0v.it civic hacking team, represent the Italian budget’s historical perspective through a shared, formal and machine-readable conceptualization; g0v mef ontology defines all concepts that are relevant to describe MEF’s knowledge domain and the ways in which those concepts relate each other.

The purpose of g0v mef ontology is to add formal meaning to the raw data that are published in the BDAP Open Data Catalog by MEF, turning Open Data into Linked Open Data.

Accessing g0v mef ontology

g0v mef ontology is based and developed following standards and is technically expressed in the RDF/OWL - the Semantic Web languages designed to represent rich and complex knowledge about things. The knowledge is organized similarly to how normally people think and speak but through the use of these languages it’s expressed in a way that also machines can “understand”, process and enrich using inference reasoning. This happens because OWL, the most expressive language to model ontologies, is based on DLs (Description Logics) and every specification in OWL corresponds to description logics’ axioms. By taking advantage of the RDF/OWL Web standard, g0v mef ontology uses machine intelligence and network graph capabilities to express, enrich, classify and link data in ways that were not previously possible.

The RDF/OWL file can be embedded in computer applications that can perform logic functions such as inferring classifications and relationships.

You can access this ontology by:

The mef vocabulary

The namespace for g0v mef ontology is http://w3id.org/g0v/it/mef# and the suggested prefix is mef:

The mef Vocabulary is compatible with the Financial Report vocabulary (fr) and with the SKOS vocabulary:

Here’s UML big picture:

UML diagram

Budget life cycle and version id

The Italian budget (mef:Budget) exists in four main states:

Each report has an extension of one year (mef:esercizio) with range from 2017 to 2099 inclusive. 2017 is an important year because the Italian Parliament in 2017 defined the budget structure as described in mef ontology.

The mef:versionId property captures the budget life cycle using the convention {YEAR}{REPORT TYPE}:



The budget report is made by facts (mef:Fact) that are aggregated in components (mef:Components)

All components and facts concepts relate (mef:inTaxonomy) to one or more classification scheme (mef:Taxonomy):


In addition to the restrictions specified in the OWL file, the following axioms apply:


mef ontology can be mapped safely to:

For more info you can see the README file in the linked directories.


The g0v-it mef vocabulary was developed by Enrico Fagnoni @ http://linkeddata.center/ and contributors and it’s available under the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 .

This work is derived from the botk-fr ontology developed by Enrico Fagnoni @ http://linkeddata.center/